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Friday, April 07, 2006

Speedster interactions with Jayjay - Minmax Travel

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Flight log extracts

Passenger transferring to courtesy car
Passenger cleared of Speedster
Proceeding to repair bay
Self test 85%
Engine core temp excessive
Phonic pressure 26Kg/cm2
Passenger requests high speed approach to runway
Logged flight plan
Received cautious permission - flight plan classified as risky
Received warning that ambulance and fire being scrambled
Timing risky landing synchronising with emergency vehicles

Ignoring passenger requests
Logged return flight plan
Received permission
Returning to airport

Passenger ignoring cautions requests further dangerous actions
Logged amended flight plan
Received over ride commands
Relaying legal notification to passenger

Passenger requested dangerous maneouvers
Logged amended flight plan
Received cautionary permission.
Relaying cautions to passenger

Passenger requested lower height, increased velocity higher G
Logged amended flight plan
Received compromised permission.
Relaying auto warnings to passenger
Passenger requested repeat at higher velocity
Logged amended flight plan
Received permission
Passenger Jajyjay requested flight deviation.
Logged amended flight plan.
Received permission.

New task

Informed now on day rental to Minmax Travel Advisory
Shall be carrying their correspondent Jayjay
Flight planned logged - tour of area - flight over islands
Category: Tourist flight


Weather forcast clear, sunny 24C.
Phonic pressure 36Kg/cm2
Engine Core temp 58.8C
Self Test 92%
[Sysm note: Previous posts not relevant ]